About 1 Happy Value

This website is part of the 1 Happy Place showroom of websites. It allows you to look at a variety of website structures and styles, helping you to make decisions about the structure of your own website.

1 Happy Value is bigger than 1 Happy Page, but smaller than 1 Happy Site. 1 Happy Value demonstrates a simpler website that might be more appropriate at the beginning, both to help you keep costs down at first, and also to get your content up quickly, so the search engines can find it.

When it comes to your website, we do not have to do everything at first. It is better to build the website right along with your business as your needs and budgets change. For example, if you start with a website similar to this one, and then need to add something new, you only pay for the new addition. In other words, we don't have to tear down the whole house to build a bedroom.

1 Happy Value contains many web pages, with each page containing either information to read, or an action for the visitor to take. This is an example of a brochure website, which often suits the needs of a business. It contains pages that are lightweight and responsive. It will quickly load and spread into any size screen, allowing visitors to find the information they need from any kind of device.

You can learn more about my services and workflow, how I go from conversations with you to a fully functioning website that represents you and provides call-to-actions you wish for a visitor to take when they are on your website. I look forward to working with you!